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Student Support

Academic Support

Once enrolled, qualified EOF students have the added benefit of participating in support programs to help them succeed.  We are also located in the same office as the Center For Academic Success (CAS) and students have full access to their services and [bright-blue-button link=””]Resources [/bright-blue-button] as well.

If students feel that they require additional help, the [bright-blue-button link=””]Tutoring Center[/bright-blue-button] is located right next door in Roscoe West as well.  They have both group and individual sessions available, and we strongly suggest that our students take advantage of this opportunity as well.


EOF Student Alliance

This statewide program provides EOF students with leadership opportunties, conference participation, and an opportunity to advise on the program’s operation.  Please visit the [bright-blue-button link=””]AESNJ[/bright-blue-button] website to gain further information about the state alliance.