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Student Information

Freshman Year

  • I will meet all requirements to stay eligible for the promise award.
  • I will participate in the Mentoring Program.
  • I will continually transition from H.S. to college academically, socially, and personally.
  • I will attend a career fair.
  • I will explore opportunities to study abroad
  • I will research and identify Leadership opportunities amongst extracurricular activities that I am interested.

Sophomore Year

  • I will meet requirements to be eligible for the EOF Incentive Award.
  • I will explore internships and research opportunities with faculty.
  • I will meet with my career services liaison to discuss relevant career areas (resume, focus2, internships, career interests.)
  • If not already, I will become active in one school sanctioned extracurricular activity I am interested in.
  • I will declare a major if I do not already have one.
  • I will explore alternative options to pay for school post Promise Award through loans, scholarships, externships, etc.
  • I will continue explore opportunities to study abroad.

Junior Year

  • I will meet requirements to be eligible for the EOF Incentive Award.
  • I will research internships, submit applications, and obtain employment.
  • I will create a post college plan based on graduate school attendance or a professional career.
  • I will identify a professional mentor to connect with.
  • I will explore the option of mentoring an underclassman.
  • I will participate in mock interviews provided by the career services center.

Senior Year

  • I will identify sources for job and graduate school recommendations.
  • I will create a 5-year post college plan working with the career center and my program specialist.
  • If attending graduate school, I will have one graduate school application completed by January.
  • If going into the workforce, I will identify potential employers and apply to at least one by January.
  • I will research financial assistance available to pay for extra courses needed to graduate.
  • I will fill out the EOF Senior Survey and complete the Financial Aid Exit Interview.
  • I will consider mentoring an underclassman.
  • I will strongly consider participating in the EOF Alumni Program.

Graduate Students

Graduate Grants are available here and at other New Jersey schools for graduate students who have received the EOF grant previously.
  • Up to 2,300 for academic year