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Applying to EOF

At The College of New Jersey the Educational Opportunity Fund is much more than a financial package — it is a full program of academic and personal support. Through genuine concern and realistic guidance, our professors and staff help each student achieve success. As a student at TCNJ, you’ll find many people willing and eager to help you adjust to college life, get the most from your classes, and put you in touch with the people and organizations that will help you reach your life goals.

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Do I qualify?

The New Jersey Educational Opportunity Fund provides financial assistance and support services (e.g. counseling, tutoring, and developmental coursework) to students from educationally and economically disadvantaged backgrounds who attend institutions of higher education in the State of New Jersey. If you have any questions about your income eligibility, contact Student Financial Services. 609/771-2211.

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How do I obtain scholarships / financial support?

The EOF Promise Award provides additional financial support for our state’s parents and students to attend an institution of higher education in New Jersey. The EOF Promise Award for freshman and sophomores was designed to meet the full cost to attend TCNJ, both the direct and indirect costs, including on-campus residency.

TCNJ’s “Incentive” Merit Award for juniors and seniors is an extension of the Promise Award based on continued academic progress. The award is determined by total units earned at the end of the students sophomore and junior years, as well as their cumulative gpa. There are 4 award levels and the maximum award is $5000.00 per academic year.

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How do I apply to the EOF Program?

After completing the Common Application, for EOF Program consideration, please be sure to check the box marked EOF on the Supplemental School Form. If you have had a brother or a sister who received the EOF Grant at another institution or at TCNJ, please check the box indicating “Legacy Student”.

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