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The EOF Plus Advantage

What is EOF?

EOF is the Educational Opportunity Fund Program.  This program provides academic and financial support for students typically from economically challenged backgrounds.  In order to qualify for EOF, a student must prove a history of poverty determined by the guidelines of the Office of The Secretary of Higher Education (OSHE).


What is EOF Plus?

EOF Plus is an opportunity for students who are not enrolled as an EOF Promise Student but are eligible for EOF according to the same OSHE guidelines above.  If a student is identified as eligible, the student will contact the Associate Director of the TCNJ EOF Program and begin the process to become a TCNJ EOF Plus student.  The Plus student, though not eligible for the Promise Award, can receive academic support and funding from the state through the state EOF Grant.  Please visit the OSHE website to find out the range for funding from this grant.


Benefits of EOF Plus

Academic Support from an experienced EOF Assistant Director/academic coach
Workshops and Presentation for continue social development
Additional Career Guidance
State Grant Funding in the range of $100-$3200 per academic year
Possible funding for summer and winter TCNJ courses
Possible funding for academic conferences and research
Funding to attend EOF Organized conferences, seminars and workshop
Networking with Alumni in your career choice
… and more


How do I become an EOF Plus Student?

Fall information sessions will begin the first week of school and will conclude late September.  Dates and times will be added to our website as we get closer to the beginning of the semester.